Best Tips and Tricks Whatsapp- 2019

WhatsApp Tricks and Tips are cardinal to know

Do you have an idea why peopls are fond of WhatsApp Because WhatsApp is the most famous, realiable, secure and user friendly messaging app that is present in today’s world It has almost ended the normal texting mode. The number of WhatsApp users has exponentially increased from 1 billion in 2016 to 1.4 billions in 2018. Due to presence of billions of users, WhatsApp owners keep working on its software to provide better features , so keep visiting to know new WhatsApp tricks and tips.

WhatsApp has already rolled out several features lately for the app. WhatsApp UPI-based payment is the most fertile feature along with many other minor features for example locking voice message . There is a lot of features available not only for one-one one but also for group chats.
WhatsApp for Group Users

Most of you may not understanding that there are many things that you can do on WhatsApp group chats. Here’s the list of features that WhatsApp trilled out for the WhatsApp group chats. Check out the following 5 essential WhatsApp tips and tricks that Every WhatsApp group user should familer with Some of these are supported on iOS and Android while other few support on either of two.
1. UPI Payment - WhatsApp Payments (Android And IOS)

The UPI-based payment service WhatsApp is in beta but despite its available to all the WhatsApp customers . Did you know this feature is also incorporated for the WhatsApp groups as well?
To see in group, tap on the ‘Attach file’ in Android or ‘+’ symbol for iOS users and choose the “payment” option. Then you can select the group member you want wish doing payment to. However, the only restriction in this feature is that you cant make payments to multiple members simultaneously
2. Group Mention (Android & IOS)

This feature was last updated back in 2016b and you might have supposed it right about aim of this feature. On Android, people mostly mute WhatsApp group notifications. This feature assists in such situations. You will get a notifications on your phone when your name is mentioned in the WhatsApp group you have member. You get this notification even if you have quiet that WhatsApp group.

Even, It gets better for iOS users. Through this feature, you in reality get to see in which unread messages your name is mentioned by your friends. While you scroll down the unread messages, you’ll see a ‘@’ symbol just below the down arrow. Tap on it and you’ll encounter all the messages your name have been mentioned on.
3. WhatsApp Group Descriptions (iOS &Android)

The feature trilled down in late February lets WhatsApp users to add descriptions for groups to the group names. As usual, the descriptions can be read under the group names. Any member of WhatsApp group could add descriptions to the group and keeping this same feature available to all the group members just not confining to group admins. You can find this feature just below the ‘Group info’. This feature made public for both iOS and Android users.
4. Dismissal of Group Admin

This feature is kind of keen in WhatsApp tricks and tips. WhatsApp’s latest feature lets in a group to discount from an admin post. I think you knew that a WhatsApp group can have many admins. Prior to this feature, if you want to remove a member from admin post, you had to remove them completely and add them again to the group. WhatsApp now has rolled out this new feature ‘Dismiss As Admin’ that lets group users to get rid of from the admin post. This feature is available right within the WhatsApp user’s group profile inside the chat.
5. Group calls (Beta for Android &iOS)

WhatsApp is anticipated to roll out furthermore features to the WhatsApp groups. Prime features among them include adding video and voice calls in the group chats. This is currently available in one on one chats only. Currently, WhatsApp is happened to have kept this feature on beta testing the group voice and video calls. You may expect this update anytime soon.

I hope you enjoyed and get some extra tips and tricks.


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