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Hello guys welcome. If you are searhing for "how to download Facebook video" or "facebook video downloader chrome" or "how o download facebook videos on android" then this is right place for you becaouse here i'm gogin to tell you a step by step procuderue to download facebook videos from different platforms. Here youwill also find how to downlaod facebook video with out any software.

1. Method-1 Download facebook video online.
There are various online websites fro wher where you can download facebook video online by just copy and pasting video URL. Here is some list of these online resources:-
      Step-1:  Go to facebook and right click on video you want to download and copy Url. See             screenshot below:

    Step-2:   Go to Following link . and paste the url in the given field. see screen shot


    Step-3:   Click "Download "video in normal quality"

Step-4:  right click the video and select "save Video as". Choose location to save, give file name and click save. see screenshot.

Other resources to downlaod fabeook videos are as under:

Downlaod Facebook Vidoe on Android
To download facebook video from android click fol app and install it 

See Screen Shots

DOwnload FB VIdoe with Google Chrome
Go to Following LINK
Click "Add to Chrome.
next time whenever you play any Facebook vidoe. a small link "Download" will appear on its right top corner. click it to download video. See Screenshots



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