Android distribution data of google has not been updated by google since last 6 x months

The Android developer website hosts a distribution dashboard that details the adoption of Google’s cell running devicevariations. With over 2 billion energetic Android devices accessible, that is beneficial facts that Google updates on a month-to-month cadence. but Google stopped updating the web page final yr — these days marks the six-month mark.

We’ve reached out to Google multiple instances within the past 1/2 a 12 months. In January, Google advised us that the dashboard changed into present process web page maintenance and that we’d hear returned when it’s fixed. In April, the agency declined to comment.
This records is in particular useful to every body who desires to make decisions regarding Android. It’s incrediblytreasured to recognize how broadly (or narrowly) an Android version — or more importantly, an API degree — has been adopted.
The closing enormous milestone in Android adoption land became in July, while Android Oreo surpassed 10% adoption. In August, Google started rolling out its successor, Android Pie.

The distribution numbers have been updated for the ultimate time on October 26. right here are the numbers from that day (observe that Android Pie is lacking):
 Android Oreo (August 2017, December 2017): 21.5%
Android 7.0/7.1 Nougat (August 2016, October 2016): 28.2%
Android Marshmallow (October 2015): 21.three%
Android Lollipop (November 2014, March 2015): 17.nine%
Android four.four KitKat (October 2013): 7.6%
Android 4.1/four.2/4.three Jelly Bean (July 2012, November 2012, and July 2013): three.0%
Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (December 2011): zero.3%
Android 2.3 Gingerbread (December 2010): zero.2%
In early December, a small note changed into added under the chart: “(update coming quickly: records feed belowupkeep).” more than four months have exceeded considering the fact that. Google both has an extraordinary definition of “soon” or some thing else is amiss.

If we go via historic traits, Android 9.0 Pie today must have somewhere simply underneath 10% of the, ahem, pie. perhaps it’s greater, perhaps it’s less. We don’t recognize, due to the fact Google is refusing to replace the information.The distribution dashboard is at the Android builders internet site. if you’re a developer, the coolest news here is that you mayget admission to your personal distribution records within the Google Play Console. and those facts are much moregranular, letting you filter out via no longer just through Android model, but also by way of device, united states of america, language, app version, and service. however that data is most effective for the devices on which customers are walking your app. in case you need a broader photo, you’re out of success.
faster Android updates?
Google releases foremost Android variations on an annual foundation. With every new release, Android customers hopetheir telephones will get updated earlier than they have got before. besides for Pixel telephones — and important, which sarcastically is not making telephones anymore — the wait is excruciatingly lengthy. I’m speaking among two and 8months, if the update arrives in any respect.
Google has tried to both trade the significance of the yearly updates and speed up their arrival. With Android ICS, the organisation launched Google Play offerings, which it uses to push various capabilities and enhancements to Android devices without requiring a complete running machine replace. With Android Nougat, the organization started releasingmonthly protection updates. With Android Oreo, Google added undertaking Treble, which modularized the cellularrunning system so that it is simpler to replace. Android Q guarantees its very own update improvements.
because Android Pie is the most important launch that succeeds Android Oreo, that become going to be the real take a look at for Google’s ultra-modern try to improve updates. each tool that shipped with challenge Treble enabled had the ability to get Android Pie quick. Smartphone producers and carriers of direction nonetheless had to play ball, but from a technical angle, this changed into the very best Android update but.
Predecessors Android Nougat and Android Oreo each took five months to skip 1% adoption and 10 months to skip 10% adoption. Those are low bars, but due to the fact Google has reduce off the facts, we don’t even understand if Android Pie met them.
Google should restore this
The trouble right here is twofold. Google hasn’t up to date the numbers, and it hasn’t said why. Upkeep doesn’t take months for something that was once up to date month-to-month.
Google can’t stay quiet approximately this all the time. Every week that goes by means of, the facts turns into even extravain. Thankfully, Google I/O 2019, the business enterprise’s largest developer occasion of the yr, is simplest weeks away.


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