Step by Step Guide to Get a Job in Computer Security

Step by Step Guide to Get a Job in Computer Security

There are many different approaches.
Just get an entry level job within the IT business to start with then target security once you get there.

1. This might be in general midrange system administration (server), networking (routers, switches), programming or desktop.
2. Look for an entry level job in system administration.
Try to get exposure to multiple platforms - UNIX, Windows Server, Linux, etc.
Once you get into this, you can focus on ID administration, anti-virus, access controls, etc.
If attainable, join a large company which has a large team of admins.
When you steer your career, try to stick with security responsibilities, and stay away from items that don't interest you greatly.

3. Another approach is to look for jobs in networking - managing routers, switches, firewalls, layer 7 devices, etc.
In this capability you'll be able to seek for jobs particularly that target security responsibilities like firewalls, IDS/IPS, TACACS, etc.

4. Another approach is to find a programming job.
Once you get into programming, look to ensure that your colleagues are using best-practices approaches toward building secure-code.

5. Yet another approach is to focus on desktop environments in relation to the enterprise. Desktop environments have a plethora of security issues from encryption to anti-virus to keeping patch levels up to date, ensuring that only secure machines are permitted on the network,
only permissible software system is put in, only corporate owned assets get on the network, etc.

6. Finally, you also mention that you have exposure to project management.
This is another approach - you'll request comes that have security as a main business objective.
As a project manager, you may not need a whole lot of subject matter expertise as long as you can drive the project (get people moving on tasks).
As you progress your project, make sure you learn about the security topic.
Project manager jobs will grow into program manager jobs.


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