Jazz seeks court help for licence renewal Case

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ISLAMABAD: Famous Mobile operator Comapny in Pakistan  "Jazz"  approached the Islamabad High Court on Firday asking for “clarity” on the terms of its licence renewal that it says should be done “in an equitable, fair and transparent way.” The license which is in question belongs to Warid,  acquired by Jazz in 2015.
Jazz said in a statement  that “this measure is being taken to provide uninterrupted telecom, broadband, and mobile financial services to its 58 million customers, and to ensure continuity of investments in digital infrastructure sector. Jazz is working within the country’s telecom policy framework to protect the interests of foreign investors.”
Company  maintained that it sought to have the licence renewed as per the original terms as well as the Telecom Policy of 2015. Licence is worth Rs41.4bn ($291m) now  while its value was  Rs16.8 billion in 2004 ($291 million equivalent) at the time of its issuance. 
Jazz will be unable to continue operations beyond May 25 without renewal or stopgap measure
DUring 2004, Another two mobile operators - Telenor and Warid - were issued licences through an auction both of which need to be renewed after 15 years.  the licence stipulates that the telecom operator is entitled to renew it at the same dollar price at which it was acquired.


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