Online Version of Visual Studio Launched by Microsoft

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private preview version of Visual Studio Online, online code editor, has been launched by  Microsoft today an online code editor the company is locating as a cohort to Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.
The facility is based on the Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s common free and open-source desktop code editor. This means Visual Studio Online will also sustenance all the extensions that are presently existing for Visual Studio Code, as well as popular features like Visual Studio Code workspaces. Sustenance for IntelliCode, Microsoft’s tool for AI-assisted development that became generally accessible today, is also built-in.

The stress here is on Visual Studio Online being a “companion.” It’s not meant to become a developer’s default IDE but inspite of as a way to make a rapid edit, review a pull request or join a Live Share session.
 And if you think the name Visual Studio Online sounds acquainted, that’s because Microsoft is actually reprocessing this name. Not that long ago, Visual Studio Online was Microsoft’s center for all things DevOps, before DevOps was a catchword. Last year, the company renamed it to Azure DevOps, leaving the name open for other uses. Frankly, given the name, a lot of people perhaps always supposed that Visual Studio Online was a web-based version of the integrated development environment, only to be then saddened that it wasn’t.

It’s worth noting that if you don’t need to wait for Microsoft to open the isolated preview to more users, there are also startups like Coder that can provide you with a remote Graphic Studio Code environment.


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